Life’s Mega Occasion Wedding


Whenever you hear word wedding what comes to your mind?  Lights, Decoration, Delicious Food, Music, Dresses, family, friends, emotions and many more.

What a wonderful thing wedding is, it brings so many people at one place with lots of happiness, laugh & Emotions. When this  happens in India it means it is going to be huge in all prospectuses because in India wedding is like your life’s only mega festival. Where people make it enormous in all sense for their kids. As we know that India is 2nd largest country in terms of populations and we are full of religions and rituals. We believe in all rituals so religiously that wedding can’t be performed without rituals.. But still India is one of the top most countries in terms of wedding nos. performed each year. Hindu Wedding usually happens throughout the year but in winters it takes place more in the no. due to weather and off course because of ritual timings.  There are 9 major religions in India and wedding rituals are so many that hard to count. In all religion people follow their own rituals taught by their elders and forefathers. Still all weddings have many things common which all human like all around the world which is Food, Music & Decoration.


Wedding in India is like BIG FAIR where you will see thousands of people at same time. To manage such mega events lots of preparations need to be done which is a wild goose chase . Especially when you want your  wedding to  be remembered lifetime. Host wants to take care of everything carefully and make everything counts. As social media has grown vast and countable to almost everyone who is having mobile host do not want to make even tiny mistakes. People are so image conscious and wants to look best at their wedding they are taking professional help to make their wedding so perfect.

Now a days wedding planning is becoming one of the biggest industries in India. All major cities have many professional wedding planner and they are working professionally to make events huge. Wedding planning trend is also getting popular in small cities. Our own city Indore has  many wedding planner who are offering  professional help for everything related to wedding planning consulting.


Razzle Dazzle Entertainment is one of the leading wedding planners in central India. Razzle Dazzle is offering  consulting and services to make your wedding beautiful and memorable. As wedding is also an emotional bonding not only for groom and bride but also for both the families. To plan and manage  everything for your marriage professionally Razzle Dazzle offer variety of  packages which fits into your pockets. Razzle Dazzle has organized many celebrity events it can also manage to arrange well known celebrities of your choice as special guests. Usually people call celebrities for their ritual ceremonies called “SANGEET” where they also prefer Singers, Musical Bands to make the ceremony more lucrative.. inviting comedian to make their host more contented on occasion are also trending. When it comes décor there are many different themes are available to make your venue like palace where Groom and Bride feels like king and Queen.


Food is indistinguishable part of weddings, as food is remembered by people for long time in comparison to any other hosting service. There are numbers of food items served at the time of reception. You can have  variety of salads, starters, main course items, sweet dishes and many more. In Indore and central india region  mostly people prefer  vegetarian food as Indore has Brahmans, Jains, Agrawals as the major dominating communities, Still  you can also find Bars and Non vegetarian stalls where you can have taste from different parts of Indian stats.


Usually wedding receptions are held in spacious  wedding gardens where you can have bigger area to décor every nook and corner like your Wedding Stage, Mandap, performance stage, welcome gate, Food court etc. Outer ring road has become one of the wedding destination or wedding village area which is out of the city and are easy to manage huge mob.


Inviting foreign artist is also in trend along with the celebrities. Usually people are calling Russian artist to be part of their wedding to make the presentation feel international. Razzle Dazzle has many Russian artist who perform according to the host demands.


Razzle dazzle has organized and managed  many successful grand weddings since 2006 in indore, and around India ndia and providing professional wedding and event planning services to make the weddings and events memorable and beautiful. So now wedding planning is so easy and economical to the Indorians too so if you are planning to make your wedding mega and memorable you can always get in touch with wedding planners like Razzle Dazzle Entertainment. To learn more about the ways our event management and wedding planning services will help you to reduce your wedding management stress and to make your wedding a golden memory , give us a call today @ 9302550440 or contact us for FREE WEDDING PLANNING consulting.


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